March to Victory

Hello again 🙂

As usual, my plans to paint and write were rudely interrupted by a lack of motivation but with the Gregorian new year approaching it is time to make some more plans.

The younger wargamers of the house received some reinforcements this holiday season, and my birthday furnished some Necromunda fighters ready to be press ganged into the service of our resident rogue trader.

In an attempt to get some paint slapped onto these new arrivals, we’ve been thinking about a short painting challenge and associated campaign. The plan is to use the first few months of 2021 to get models built, painted, and used on the tabletop. The campaign will be Crusade based, using the Beyond the Veil narrative pack alongside the Argovon Flashpoint campaign rules from White Dwarf. Each month provides the opportunity to unlock different levels of games and associated detachments as follows:

January – Build and paint 25 power Patrol detachment from a pre-determined 50 power Crusade list. Kill Team core book for smaller games as forces are built, with some Combat Patrol games played when forces are ready at the end of the month.

February – Another 25 power up for grabs here to complete the Crusade list. All other detachments now become unlocked (Battalions etc…) More Combat Patrol games with Incursion missions kicking in at the end.

March – To be confirmed. I’ve already got about 500 points painted, so another 500 would push me to the magical 2,000 point mark. All of these would be units added using reinforcement points for Crusade.

The Grey Guard Pile of Shame has the following to offer (with power in brackets):

January – Combat Patrol

  • Lord Castellan Creed (3)
  • Primaris Psyker (3)
  • Cadian infantry squad (3)
  • Cadian infantry squad (3)
  • Cadian infantry squad (3)
  • Platoon Commander (2)
  • Command Squad (2)
  • Scout Sentinel (3)
  • Anti Tank Heavy Weapons Squad (3)

Total Power: 25

February – Battalion + Vanguard (Crusade List)

  • Company Commander (2)
  • Necromunda Gang Infantry Squad (3)
  • Necromunda Gang Infantry Squad (3)
  • Command Squad (2)
  • Rein & Raus (2)
  • Commissar (2)
  • Severina Raine (2)
  • Tech Priest (2)
  • Servitors (2)
  • Bullgryns (5)

Total Power: 25

March – to be confirmed

Painted models are:
– Lord Commissar (3)
– Veterans (5)
– Scions squad (3)
– Ministorum Priest (2)
– Leman Russ Tank Commander (12)
– Chimera (5)
Total Power: 30

Potential Units:
– Flamer Special Weapons Squad (1)
– Mortar Heavy Weapons Squad (3)
– Platoon Commander (2)
– Command Squad (2)
– Cadian Infantry Squad (3)
– x2 Scout Sentinels (6)
– Colour Sergeant Kell (3)
Total Power: 20

All this together would take me to 100 power (I haven’t added the points yet…) and the number of elite slots required is rather excessive resulting in a double battalion plus patrol detachments organisation. There’s a fair amount of fat trimming that can take place but as a starter 100 power narrative list I’m satisfied.

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