Ad Infinitum Et Ultra

Whoops, it’s been over a month since my last update…very little progress as well but here goes:

The Moebius

Every rogue trader needs a ship, and to start with Adeodatus (Adeo to his friends) has managed to obtain a decommissioned naval vessel, albeit an ancient one.

It had been grounded on a planet for millennia before being raised by the Aurora Bluefish Reclamation Corporation and sold at auction.

Having refitted and refurbished the ancient Cobra-class destroyer, Adeo has begun to raise a small contingent of troops to support his endeavours.

Unfortunately the Munitorum Clerk he was dealing with seemed to have taken a dislike to him, as the ‘regiment’ he was allocated appears to consist of less than twenty men. Despite Adeo’s protestations, the Munitorum maintain that he has been allocated the requested regiment and that any further troops will have to be raised from his own holdings.

As for Adeo himself, a suitable representation has been procured and a minor conversion made with a green stuff beard. He’ll be a counts as Lord Castellan Creed (until the next Codex invalidates it…) as he has the two laspistols and power sword.

Adeo de Lattyr – rogue trader

Two more infantry squads have been purchased – this time the Van Saar and Escher gangs from Necromunda, but they are staying firmly in their boxes until my birthday next month (and the platoon of Cadians is painted!)

*UPDATE – I’ve amended the post title due to my terrible Latin skills. It now should correctly translate as ‘To Infinity and Beyond’.*

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