The Foresters muster….

The mist was thick as the shuttle set down on the planet’s surface. Tall trees surrounded the landing area and towering mountains rose up behind them. A damp scent trailed into the passenger compartment as the ramp unfolded onto sodden ground. “Does it never stop raining?” grumbled Adeodatus, unbuckling the seat belt and smoothing down his coat as he stood. Ducking to avoid the low bulkhead that had claimed its fair share of minor head injuries, he cinched his gunbelt. “Let’s see what we’ve got then.” his footsteps ringing down the metal ramp as he left the shuttle.

Striding through the camp he followed the faint sound of parade chant. Mud was squelching beneath the mats that had been laid for ease of movement. The mist cleared enough for him to see a squad of guardsmen being put through drills, the harsh voice of their commander barking clear over the hum from the rest of the camp. Unable to see the man’s rank Adeodatus opted for the traditional method, calling out “Who’s in charge here?”.

The soldier turned, snapping to attention as he spied the quality of the greatcoat Adeodatus had donned as protection against the weather. “That’d be me, sir” the sergeant replied, his stripes now visible on his sleeve as he saluted. “No, your commanding officer” Adeodatus sighed impatiently as he returned the salute. A smirk glimmered briefly on the sergeant’s lips. “Not had one of them for a while now sir.” He was an older man, his experience written large on his grizzled face. Come to mention it, the squad he was drilling all appeared to be older men, some looking very much past their useful years. There were ten men formed up, and an aged scout sentinel and pilot standing off to one side.

“I was told that the 4th Brython Foresters had been mustered for my disposal?” Adeodatus snapped. “Well, you’re looking at ’em.” the sergeant replied, “all that’s left anyway. I present to you ‘The Last Hogs’…Sir”

I’ve spent the last month or so since my last post working on lists and composition of my army, as well as getting in a couple of practice games of #newwarhammer40k.

Overall I’m looking to build a collection that will allow for the selection of armies for both narrative and matched play, including the Crusade narrative system. I think that I’ve finally hit on a narrative for the army that I’m happy with, and it involves those most 40k of things…Rogue Traders.

The force as I envision it now is an Astra Militarum army made up of a core of veterans with two newly raised companies of infantry that have been requisitioned by a rogue trader to support his new crusade to expand the fringes of the Imperium. These troops will be supported by further infantry in the form of hive gang mercenaries.

The Rogue Trader himself, Adeodatus de Lattyr, has recently come to the fore of his ancient house, having received a message that he is now the sole heir to the Warrant of Trade following the death of the last holder. He was a planetary governor, residing over a small mining and logging colony on a backwater planet. Inheriting the warrant was the last thing on his mind, the wider house having been in decline for the last few centuries, and he had not maintained a fleet suitable for the task ahead of him. With the colony providing his only source of income and not wanting to weaken it too greatly, he has managed to release an aging Cobra-class destroyer and some civilian transports, alongside some Guard companies and a few able mercenaries. He hopes to requisition more troops as necessary, or hire more mercenaries if needs be. The goal for the crusade is to win back some of the family honour and improve his lot.

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