Warzone: Lillabo IX – an Astra Militarum, Necron, and T’au battle

“Die xenos scum!” – last words of Lord Commissar Laestro before succumbing to a fusion blaster volley.

First battle report of Ninth edition is here. Due to there being three of us in the house who are wargaming geeks we couldn’t decide who should face off first, so we went for a (perhaps unwise) three player battle. With 1500 points of forces in total across a 44″ x 30″ battlefield this was going to be a close quarters fight.

The table set up was…ok. We have a bit of terrain floating about, none of it painted, and subbed in some fortifications for buildings and scatter terrain. The real star of the table was the battlemat however. This serviceable (and noblebright counterpoint to the grimdark) LILLABO rug was purchased from IKEA many years ago for toddlers and is reborn as a temporary ground cover to save us the shame of fighting on a bare table:

Obviously a former ork world with that racetrack…

Forces were chosen to 25 power/ 500 points of the respective armies in a Patrol detachment and the mission played was Only War. Four objectives were placed (numbered 2,3,3,& 4 for some reason) and deployment zones set up by dividing the field into six squares and placing armies in alternating ones (see the above picture: the Necrons stealthily using the shipping container for cover in the south west, the T’au striding in from the north, and the Guard huddled behind the bastion in the south east).

Astra Militarum

I limited myself to painted minis only for this battle, so as this was their first battle after being painted, they were guaranteed a gruesome death.


Taking a break from fighting space marines in the Indomitus Crusade.


Yes, that is a headless Fire Warrior in the back rank – casualty of war.

The battle

As this was our first game of ninth, and none of us had played a game for ages this game took a while as we searched through the BRB and our army lists for rules. Our goals for the game were:
1. Have fun
2. Learn some rules

I didn’t make any notes during the battle and I wasn’t intending on any great detail for this post, so here are the highlights.

The Necrons took the initiative and moved out to grab the first objective and tried to take out the T’au Commander with a Tachyon Arrow but Saviour Protocols kicked in and it exploded without a result. The Commissar bellowed his orders to “Move, Move, Move!” and the Veteran Guard scrambled round the corner and up to the top floor of the bastion to grab the second objective. This obviously annoyed the T’au Commander because he proceeded to blast said Commissar in the face with fusion blasters and end his battle there. One warlord dead.

In the west the Scions dropped on their grav-chutes and opened up a volley of plasma shots to the Necron Overlord, however a set of snake eyes resulted in the death of a plasma gunner. Not giving up their mission however, they flung themselves into the fray and the Tempestor ripped the Overlord’s head clean off with his power fist. Second warlord dead. Their consolidation into the Skorpekh Destroyers was not so successful for them though. Those same destroyers then took down a drone hovering on the north west objective.

On the other end of the field, the Tank Commander opened all guns at the T’au warlord, shedding shield drones left and right but only stripping 2 wounds off him in total. Scarabs climbed over the Fire Warriors forcing them to fall back.

The T’au used their air superiority to jump to the top of the bastion and hose down the remaining guard up there, before surviving an end of game fusillade from the Leman Russ to hold the objective for the start of their turn five. Meanwhile the Priest dived into cover behind the wrecked rhino of the north east objective, the pathfinders having been cleared out by an earlier shelling from a battle cannon. The Necron warriors huddled together like Emperor penguins on the race track objective, taking pot shots whenever an opportunity arose, and utilising Re-animation Protocols to reinforce their ranks.

End of turn 5

The game finished with the Necrons and Guard on four victory points apiece (both warlords slain) and the T’au warlord victorious on five victory points.

Overall a great game and we all had fun so we all won really (says the Guard player…).

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