I have the Power…

Well twenty five levels of it at least.

I finally got going on putting some more paint on the bristles today and instead of the standard bearer I decided that the Leman Russ would be a better choice as it’s almost certainly going in my initial 500 point force.

Photo doesn’t show it well but it has been highlighted! Very simple scheme using Coat d’Arms Dark Elf Green, Green Ink glaze, and then drybrushed highlight with Grass Green – exactly how I painted my Catachans in the mid-nineties. I added the aquilas to each side of the turret armour as this is a tank commander. There’s the base of the searchlight on the turret too but I’m going to use that as a plug in point for an aerial or flag (or both). About four hours work I think.

Some other models that I completed a couple of weeks ago takes this up to 25 power according to the new adjustment from GW.

My veterans have a priest to accompany them based off the Crimson Slaughter model from Dark Vengeance. I used to have a Redemptionist gang for Necromunda (never got painted…) and so I tried to give him that kind of feel.

As these were for Shadow War (I use the priest as a counts as Commissar) all have been given nicknames on their base. I did a bit more with one of the shotgun guys, giving him a short standard pole topped with a boar and ork skull. More on this squad later.

A Lord Commissar and accompanying Scion bodyguard squad round off this update.

The Lord Commissar is made up of bits from the Officio Prefectus, Tempestor Prime and Tank Commander. I’m thinking of redoing the plasma and adding a glow effect, but keeping it green rather than the traditional blue. These guys also got names as they form the majority of my Kill Team. Maybe I’ll have to do this for all the models now…

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