QuarterMaster’s Report

Since February 2020, I’ve been building up a selection of Astra Militarum models to play 40k with, whether Kill Team, Shadow War, or the main ruleset. With the release of 9th Edition and the Crusade form of narrative play it’s about time I got them all built and painted.

Here’s the state of play at the moment (in no particular order):

Company Commander Built
Primaris Psyker (Aradia Madellan)Built
Lord CommissarPainted
Tank CommanderBuilt
Infantry SquadBuilt
Infantry SquadBuilt
Infantry SquadBuilt
Company Command SquadBuilt
Platoon Command SquadBuilt
Ministorum PriestPainted
Platoon CommanderBuilt
Sly MarboBuilt
Sergeant Harker (counts as)Built

I haven’t yet finalised my 50PL crusade list, nor really had much thought about how to expand beyond the roughly 1200 points there is here, aside from the fact I want a Baneblade and another Commissar.

Taking into account the 17 already painted, I have 46 infantry and 2 vehicles waiting for some paint. I’m going to attempt to get 10 minis or one vehicle done each week until they are done. As I said in my last post I’m going to paint the standard bearer first, so week one will be the Company Commander and Command Squad plus 5 other models (probably the Platoon Commander and other Command Squad). I’ll post pictures when done, but in the meantime I’ll get some up of the current painted force.

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