Aquila of the Ninth

The Ninth Eagle (or edition) of Warhammer 40k has landed with a resounding thump upon our doorstep. The youngest one has been busy putting together Necrons and Space Marines, while the eldest has been experimenting with dark metallic green paint recipes for Dark Angels (the winner so far: leadbelcher spray, 2x green ink wash coats, bit of nuln oil to finish).

Earlier this year I got back into the Hobby through what I thought was an innocuous purchase, the new(ish) Sly Marbo model. It reminded me of the first 40k model I painted back in 1995 so nostalgia hit and I thought it would be nice for a 25th anniversary type model. I’d already planned a kill team of sorts in order to play against my youngest but my plans didn’t really factor in the pull of plastic crack.

It all started so innocently. Build a kill team. And one for Shadow War. Some characters would be needed for special operatives. Wow, that Sly Marbo model rocks!…

I could have stopped there but you can see where this was headed.


Admittedly I’m a little nervous of starting an actual army at this point for a couple of reasons. The first is that I’m terrible at completing projects. The second is the thought of building an army with the current codex and then the new one makes a load of models invalid. However I realise that those are poor excuses and so I’m ploughing on anyway.

I’m not a tournament player, with my models firmly remaining as toy soldiers for me to play with, the aesthetic and stories I can make up about them being my primary focus. That being said, I’d like to be able to play the army against a wider range of opponents, even venturing to my local GW store perhaps (once Nurgle’s Gift of 2020 has well and truly done one!).

With that in mind I’ve been slowly buying miniatures over the past months that I’m hoping I can pull together into a narrative army for the Imperial Guard Astra Militarum.

Raise the standard high!

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