Colouring the Troopers

Hi, I’m a wargamer and I have a grey pile of shame.

Over the many years I have been involved in the Hobby I have accumulated a large amount of stuff. Models that were planned to be part of armies, bits of models used to convert others, bits of junk for scenery. A few times things have been organised and sold, sometimes things may even have been *gasp* thrown away. The result is that my pile of shame is somewhat smaller, but still lurks in the recesses of both house and mind.

My return to the serried ranks of Hobbyists has meant a good old rummage through this stuff to find out anything useful for the current project(s) – these will be detailed later. Unfortunately one thing that was largely absent was paint.

When my eldest child joined the cadre I happily handed over a number of 90’s Citadel paints and ink washes to encourage him and they weren’t really doing much for me during the lean years when I may paint one or two models a year. He’s still using some of these by the way and my youngest has been happily applying some 20 year old blue wash to some Aeronautica Imperialis Tau planes that were recently released.

At the end of last year I purchased a rather fine knight figure from Hasslefree Miniatures and for Christmas got some Army Painter paints and a few Windsor Newton brushes to get him painted. I got some D&D dungeon doorways too. For some reason I haven’t really been able to get along with the AP paints, I don’t know why and imagine it’s some irrational thing because I was always used to painting with Citadel paint. Anyway, I got him painted with a combination of AP and some of the newer Citadel paints borrowed from the youngest one.

This left me with a distinct desire to refresh my painting supplies to tackle the new squad I had built and undercoated, but had not started painting yet. As luck would have it the opportunity arose to make my initial investment and rather than buy more models (well, just a few maybe), I decided to jump into familiar territory. No, not Citadel, but the closest I could get to my old style regime: Coat d’Arms. These are the closest thing you can get to the old style Citadel paints, even down to the pots (although I started when they were hexagonal), and there’s a great range of them available.

An order was promptly made at the Black Hat Miniatures website for the starter set, the full set of washes, plus some additional colours I’d worked out would come in handy. They were posted really quick and arrived well packaged, with a lovely colour chart poster of the range in the box too. Added to some Army Painter Hobby brushes from the local games store (obtained before Father Nurgle came to play with the world), and the stage was set for painting fun.

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