Shadow War: Vogen – Round One

Having successfully landed their troops somewhere in the city, our three intrepid kill teams kicked off the campaign with a three player battle.

The mission to be played was ‘Grab the Cache’. Orders appear to have been to recce the area and obtain supplies locally to support a forward fire base. The local conditions were tough. Rumours of a chaos cult in the area (probably in the big temple…) were the least of the teams concern as they waded through knee high water. Two of the Astra Militarum’s latest recruit were obviously so nervous or over-confident about the thought of a scrap that they left their lasguns behind, relying only on their trusty flak armour and combat knives to see them through.

This was the first game we had played using the ruleset, with two of the players being more familiar with 7th and 8th edition. As the resident grognard it was up to me to half remember rules from a game I hadn’t played in over twenty years (and not frequently before that) and keep flicking through the rulebook. Little had changed from Necromunda, aside from things like ammo rolls* so lots of it came flooding back. It was more difficult for the New Guys as mechanics for charging and running, hand-to-hand, and weapon profiles were quite different.

Please excuse the visible grey shame/unfinished cardboard terrain. Lockdown has caused a disruption to our hobby supply lines. That and we were itching to get started.

Fire was exchanged, rolls for injuries made, blah blah blah. To be honest, I spent so much time looking up rules that I should’ve kept notes on what happened. Suffice it to say that a good time was had by all, especially the T’au player as first the Dark Angels, and then the Guard, bottled out** and gifted the victory.

Such glee was short-lived however as the Serious Injuries Table beckoned. We are using a version adapted from Necromunda which left one T’au Pathfinder exhausted, another in a coma, one Guard trooper with a dodgy leg, and inspired an intense, burning hatred from another Guard trooper for one of the T’au. The Dark Angels came out ok, with a skill roll for their Heavy.

The rewards of battle table was interesting, however the T’au player ended up with much less as the winning player than the two losing sides did. The Guard bunkered down in the newly acquired 122nd Cadian HQ, while the Dark Angels got themselves some swish apartments. No new territory for the T’au.

*Apparently trained and equipped soldiers keep their weapons in much better condition than hive gangers. Who knew?
**Tactically withdrew thank you very much.

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