Shadows over Vogen…hafen?

With the Shadow War kill team ready, it was time to think about the campaign. Luckily with three of us Hobbyists(tm) in the house, even the machinations of Father Nurgle can’t keep us from gaming.

Being a big fan of Necromunda and also being underwhelmed by the campaign system in the SW:A book, I started scouting around for options. As the campaign co-ordinator I decided on a mix of the old 1995 Necromunda rules (with credit where its due:, with some of the Vogen campaign from the CityFight book.

There are three main factions taking part in the campaign: Astra Militarum, Space Marines, and T’au. The map was prepared and starting territories determined randomly:

Weirdly enough, the Guard are starting next to the Guard HQ, the T’au by the Spaceport, and the Dark Angels… well they are fond of theatre. Each campaign turn involves all players playing a mission against everyone else once. The named locations on the map have specific rules and are worth victory points. As in the Vogen campaign the end game comes when the Palace of Peace falls. The faction with the most victory points wins.

We are aiming for a turn a week, and also to get some batreps up as well in the form of some narrative writing from the players.

Let battle commence!

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