Shadow Warhammer

My youngest has recently gotten into Kill Team (40k 8th edition) and being the doting father that I am, I decided to build a team to destroy him.

Now, I had been away from 40k for a few years and to be honest Kill Team had passed me by. While I was catching up on the chatter I came across a game called Shadow War Armageddon. From what I could see this was a re-implementation of the Necromunda rules from 1996 (a game that I had built two gangs for back in the day) but with the main 40k armies. A quick web search secured me a hard copy of the rules for about £5 second hand. So, as well as building a kill team for 8th, I decided to build a Shadow War one too.

When I first got into 40k I had two main armies of interest – Space Wolves and Imperial Guard. Unfortunately due to a few bad decisions along the way neither of these collections survived to the present time so new models would have to be sourced.

I’d already built up my 8th edition kill team (to be detailed in another post) and could’ve just used the same models, but I wanted to build something specific and that had some throwback references to the original source. I had some Cadian arms and bitz leftover and just needed some suitable bodies.

My bitz box provided some candidates in the shape of Bretonnian Men at Arms. These were left over from an unfinished army project, and had also been slated for a Blood Bowl team at one point. Liberal application of a craft knife, glue, a bit of green stuff, and some primer later…

The loadout on these guys:
Veteran Sergeant w/bolt pistol, chainsword, and carapace armour
Special Weapons operative w/flamer
Special Weapons operative w/grenade launcher (frag)
2x Veteran Guardsman w/shotgun
1x Veteran Guardsman w/lasgun
4x Guardsman w/lasgun

I tried to maintain a medieval-ish look to them, using some Scion arms for the Sergeant’s carapace armour, a padded cap tank commander head, and adding a hunting horn to the vox carrier.

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