Primo Fac Prima*, as the old school motto goes.

Twenty Twenty marks my 25th (ish) year in the wonderful world of wargaming.

Back in late 1994 I stumbled upon the hobbies and pastimes section of my local library and found two books that piqued my interest. The first was a small book on wargames by Stuart Asquith, and the second was Fantasy Wargaming by Martin Hackett.

Combined with the D&D Forgotten Realms tie-in novels (mostly by Bob Salvatore**) on the nearby shelves, these tomes inducted me into the little known and socially awkward cult now popularly*** known as ‘The Hobby’.

My interests in those early days included a heady mix of fantasy, sci-fi, and historical gaming. My first figures were some ESCI British and Zulus, followed by Imperial Romans. However, once I’d discovered my local Games Workshop store just down the road from Beatties Model Shop, then I was hooked.

Over the following years my hobby time was divided between a number of games. As the old adage goes ‘a plan never survives contact with the wallet’****. I was never short on ideas, and with my usual flair I was great at starting things, but lost puff halfway through the race.

Now, twenty five years and a substantial bitz box later, I am embarking on a new project and rather than suffer the motivational issues of the past, I’m hoping that a project blog might help.

*’First Things First’ apparently.
**Yes, I did have a few renegade dark elf RPG characters over the years.
***Whether ‘popular’ can actually be used in connection with wargaming without the qualifier ‘un-‘ is a matter of debate.
****Or something like that.

3 thoughts on “Primo Fac Prima*, as the old school motto goes.

  1. Thanks for the follow man. Will be going through your posts as i get time. I got on board the warhammer book collecting before i got to any kind of mini’s like you know from my post where you signed on, i only got my first box set before the weekend🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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