Raise the Banner

An impromptu hobby session tonight led me to painting up a banner for my rogue trader. In a previous post (https://lasgunsandroses.wordpress.com/2021/01/29/kitbash-corner-colour-sergeant-kell/) I had put together a banner bearer to represent Colour Sergeant Kell when I intended to run the rogue trader as a ‘counts as’ Creed. Plans change and Kell fell by the wayside as … Continue reading Raise the Banner

Sight beyond sight – Astropaths

To provide some psychic support, two Astropaths have joined the Imperial Guard force. I’ve never really had the opportunity to play with psykers before, so these two space wizards should be some fun laying down powers to bolster my troops or reveal enemy combatants. The one on the left was a kitbash using a GW … Continue reading Sight beyond sight – Astropaths

Making a scene

My #NewYearNewArmy this time round is what is often referred to as ‘the third army’ i.e. terrain. I was given the Killzone: Munitorum Hub for Christmas by my long suffering wife, which has supplied me with a bit of terrain to build and also a nice cardboard mat which connects (on one side at least) … Continue reading Making a scene